Hanging Planter (Pot & Hook) in Natural

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Our signature hanging planter set includes a handcrafted Oak hook, cotton thread sling, and a lightweight aluminum planter. Its minimal lines create a bold statement elevating any room you choose to hang it in. The planter has a drainage hole and a separate saucer that acts as a reservoir for excess water to keep your plant roots healthy. We provide a wick that can later bring that excess water back into the planter, serving as a self-watering mechanism. Choose between six colors for the thread and two planter shapers - round and cylinder.

Material: Oak and Cotton thread
Size: Hook Length: 7" (18 cm) Thread Length: from tip of hook until base of planter about 19 in (50 cm)

Mounting: we supply screws and anchors for mounting on hard walls, if you're mounting on drywall secure it to a stud.
    Material: Made of lightweight aluminum
    Size: Diameter: 5.5" (14.5cm) Height: 5.5" (14.5cm)
    Includes planter, saucer, and chord for self-watering from excess water